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Signs You May Need Hand Surgery

Our hands enable us to perform a wide range of tasks. They’re a key component of what sets us apart from other species. With our dexterous fingers and opposable thumbs, we can do a lot. 

That is unless you’re living with chronic hand pain. A variety of hand conditions can make it hard to use your hands, limiting the mobility in the joints of your hands and fingers and making even seemingly simple tasks daunting.

Fortunately, at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists, our hand specialist Dr. Megan Friend treats hand pain to help people in this situation find relief. We offer a broad variety of treatments, from physical therapy to cortisone injections. But some people need to take an extra step to find true relief from their hand pain or to improve mobility in their hands. And that may mean hand surgery.

How do you know if hand surgery may be the best option for you? Here are a few signs.

#1: Your hand pain is constant

Some people only experience hand and wrist pain at certain times, like when they perform very specific tasks. But if your pain is a continual part of your day, and you find yourself regularly thinking about it, it’s time to talk to our team about a solution. 

#2: You’ve lost the ability to perform certain tasks

Similarly, if your hand condition has reached the point that it’s stopping you from doing certain things, talk to us. After hand surgery, many people regain the full use of their hands. Imagine going about your day able to do everything you want without hand pain. 

#3: You’ve tried other treatments first

Generally, our team only recommends hand surgery after you’ve explored less invasive treatments first. We can help you try other options, like bracing or pain-moderating injections. We walk through the process with you, escalating your treatment as needed until you find relief. 

#4: Your hand has been injured

After a traumatic hand injury, surgery might be required. This ensures your hand heals properly so you don’t lose functionality down the road. 

#5: You’re ready for a permanent solution

Many hand pain treatments require upkeep. If you’re tired of needing another round of injections or regular physical therapy that only brings you temporary relief, ask our team if hand surgery could be right for you. 

If you do need hand surgery, you’ve come to the right place at Northern Virginia Orthopaedic Specialists. 

Dr. Friend offers a number of hand and wrist surgeries, including, but not limited to:

To get true, lasting relief from your hand pain, talk to us today. Call one of our offices in Manassas or Haymarket, Virginia, or schedule an appointment online.

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